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Gw2 move ui

Is it possible to get the different travel forms separated in the Spells window for easier glyphing?. Focus target currently broken (I see you commented about that already). This UI is amazing, got rid of ElvUI for this one. We'll add this to our list of suggestions! In the mean time, if you'd like to change the font, feel free to replace both headline.ttf and menomonia.ttf in the fonts folder with whatever font you like, just be sure to replace both and keep the names, as that is what is referenced within the code. If your erection lasts more than 4 hours, please consult your physician. Edit: If anyone is looking for a few animated pictures of what it looks like in action I'll provide some here. The camera motions are not part of this UI, they are done by DynamicCam. - Quests can now be untracked through the quest tracker - The compass can now be hidden in the quest tracker - Target health information can now be displayed as a value and/or a percentage - The Immersive Questing window now fades into view when speaking with a quest NPC - GW2 UI buttons are now smaller - Action bars have been completely overhauled for better add-on compatibility and future feature updates - A decline button has been added to the Immersive Questing window - A setting as been added for hiding unused action bar slot backgrounds - Moving HUD elements will now display an error if the player is in combat. Edit 2: Version 3.0.4 is now live on Curse and WoWInterface, fixing a variety of different issues! Too bad that not everyone gets a reply to his questions here. Is there another way to bring feedback and suggestions? As a fan of both games, I salute you for this. You did a great job! What I love is how every expansion taught us a new and unique lesson. I'm using a 1440p screen and it seems absolutely fine to me, looks gorgeous!. - Bag and Bank bag order should now be more logical - The quest tracker will no longer display bonus objectives as permanently complete - Fixed the multitude of issues with the Death Knight runes - Fixed the LUA error received when receiving an invite through the calendar - The Immersive Questing window should now understand when a pop-up quest has been automatically accepted by the game - Fixed some issues pertaining to Titan Panel - The player auras should no longer grow down into the action bars - The bank should now open all bags when toggled - Changed certain code to better support other add-ons - Fixed some tainting issues pertaining to the pet action bar. PLEASE STOP I CAN ONLY BE SO ERECT JESUS GOD DAMN CHRIST THIS IS AMAZING HELP. I really like it but can you add font options?. Thanks for the response. Going to download and give it a whirl tonight. It is possible to use hotkeys to scroll the action bar. You can also enable all four extra hot bars with the default WoW options! Does target's target can show debuff, i'm a tank. Something I drew thinking that this would be how taurens might use their mounts in a realistic way. Not overloading the user with unnecessary options that can look daunting to a user who isn't quite as tech savvy, whilst keeping enough customisation for those who want and/or need it. Whilst it isn't currently an option, I'd say give Quartz a go and see if it replaces our cast bar. If not, an option to disable our cast bar is already in the pipeline. Lovely addon. I just have one question. Is it possible to make the hotbars above your health visible all the time? Currently I dont see such an option.