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This is one occasion when you can put on your George of the Jungle outfit and be a he man. This lady is fraught with nerves, usually a bit lost, and often desperately in need of a strong sense of guidance from a caring other (that would be you!). Notice the peril du jour and help her with some good advice. Call her back the next day to find out if things went okay and give her some more good advice. You may wind up handling it for her, and this will cement your relationship solidly. It's okay to be a little bit helpless. Being soulful is a plus, as well. Scorpio wants to feel feelings no matter what they are, so you can completely be yourself. It doesn't matter whether your feeling is fear, ecstasy, or anything in between. Just show some emotion. This is one relationship where Scorpio is willing to show his tumultuous passions. Pisces provides the oceanic depths for him to float on comfortably. He will be willing to reveal layer upon layer of feeling which he usually keeps to himself. His guard drops as she soothes and comforts him, reassuring the scorpion that all his secrets are fine with her. As his fears alleviate, his behavior becomes increasingly more romantic and passionate. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are currently the sexiest couple alive! they are a male scorpio/female pisces combination. I'm a Pisces woman and I was with a Scorpio man but I didn't like his depressed side it bored me, I'm not his therapist. Anyways I had an affair with a aries guy but unfortunately my scorpio found out:( Nevermind the aries was more fun anyways lol SCORPIOS R boring as f for us Pisces. Hey, to all Scorpios,,,you are so cool, nice, hot, fun, sexy,,,but could u just share more with a person u like or love or have any feelings for her,,,yeah, eye contact is great, but we need also to hear it from time to time,,,so SHARE MORE, TALK TO US MORE,,,SCORPIO MAN + PISCES WOMAN,,OHHH SOOO COOL,,I LOVE THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THIS ARTICLE,,THIS CAN BE A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN,,SO TRUE. My second encounter did not go so well. This Scorpio male was much older and he had baby mama drama and always seemed to bring that into whatever we were trying to build (friendship/relationship) and that caused a lot of extra unnecessary tension between us. I knew that he liked me but I LOVED him and I soon learned that a situation like that never works! Also he was very immature and I heard those ones are the worst to encounter. He was 39 but acted like he was in his late teens. The eight words any Pisces woman wants to hear: Why don't you let me worry about that?. It's a really tough decision whether to date a Scorpio man or not. This is what they had in mind when they coined the term, "emotional roller coaster." In the beginning, the sparks were enough to change even the most level-headed mind (my own). I never knew what the term "chemistry" meant until him, and it was instantaneous. I only wanted something casual, because he had a history of instability with women. While every casual relationship prior to him (even with past Scorpios) was easy for me to feel good and "in control" about, it was impossible with him. I won't lie: the ups are just as insane as the downs. Though in the end, I couldn't take the secrecy or the mind games, which he openly admitted to playing. It was like being out at sea, with the waves crashing over top of you. He easily contested with the other most emotional man in my life, an ex-Pisces. Everything was black or white, happy or sad, trustworthy or deplorable. The only reason I stayed as long as I did was the sex. I've been with 3 Scorpio men in my life, and each and every one was "the best of my life" at the time, sex-wise. As horrible of a relationship my most recent Scorpio was, I'll never forget him. Even years after the split, I still find myself thinking about him. That is extremely rare for me. It's not often that I get hung up on a man. I can't actually say it was worth it, because had I never tried, I could have saved myself from a lot of pain. Scorpio men have a way of changing you forever, and you'd better hope it's for the best. I had never felt so shaken until him, so utterly leveled by just the thought of him, even now. Something about this union makes you, as a Pisces woman, feel less sure about yourself. I suppose if I were more of a stereotypical Pisces (emotional, secretive), it could have gone better. As it was, I just couldn't stand the instability and moved on. He never knew what he wanted. As sure as he was of our relationship one day, he would be that confused the next. Easily the most frustrating relationship I've ever b. Though a little uncomfortable for Pisces, this pairing allows her to worry, fret and make the kind of little sacrifices she finds natural. She brings out the very best in the Scorpio man, too. He'll be protective and compassionate. These two are likely to become securely and deeply bonded. This relationship is gender specific. The Scorpio man will be very manly. A Pisces woman will be very feminine. This polarization does not lend itself very well to friendship or equality, but it is a positive bond between the two. I am a Pisces woman and I have had two encounters with Scorpio males. The first was amazing! We went to the same high school together but never talked. We connected nine years later on Facebook after realizing that we had a lot of mutual friends. We were friends for three years and then became a couple. He was definitely my knight in shining armor and I loved him with my entire being, but due to some circumstance that got in the way, he came to the determination that we were like "water and oil" so that's why we're no longer together. There were many ups and downs in our relationship but it seems that he got tired of holding on but I still did. I will never forget him and he will always be the true love of my life. Everything is very open with a very clear explanation of the challenges. It was truly informative. Your website is useful. Thanks for sharing! I have been stung by him many times but I am not afraid of his sting. At the end of the day he is a normal human being just like the rest of us. HE IS NOT A GOD!!! When he stings me I fire back unafraid and when he sees that I am fearless, he has no choice but to back down. To be honest, we recently had a huge disagreement and he sent me a text telling me to never text him again because "His Woman" would have a problem with him if she found out. He sent this after he has been to my place and has been very intimate with me! I have known this guy for a year and I always had my doubts about him. He always calls his exes crazy but he's the crazy one! All he does is drive women away and he has done the same to this lovely Pisces woman. He could have had a woman that would have loved him unconditionally and fearlessly but he was not mature enough to deal with what I had to offer. How to Attract a Scorpio Man as a Pisces Woman:. For all my girlies out there wondering what to do with a hot-cold weird scorp, the soultion is simple. If you are on his radar then yes he likes you ( scorps don't do the wishy-washy thing, either they do or they don't-simple). You need to be patient. Very very very patient. It may take a year or even more ( scorps are super patient- but we pisces are THE sing of patience- we can drive them nuts.) When he texts, reply to the point, casually. When he calls do the same. Scorps love the chase. Give it to them. A true scorp doesn't leave. They will give their best shot to it. You just have to be direct. Remember one thing that if he likes you then one of his biggest weakness is his curiousity. He as curious as a cat. Don't let him in on what's going on. It's really a cool and helpful piece of information. I'm glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. Once upon a long time ago I made the mistake of getting involved with a Scorpio guy. Loads older for one, in a band secondly, drinker, druggie, smoker thirdly, deceptively charming to an old enough to know better young woman who really prolly did not know better being still very unworldly inexperienced and naive a Piscean on the Cuspand a Virgo Ascendant anyhoo. .yet knowing. .having knowledge of things numerological astrological the latter not to an insanely mathematically technical degree but still. .I had over the years quite a few in depth charts readings of all kinds knowledge acrued. .so I knew. .I knew. .plus I was warned by a special friend or two about how when you play with fire you get burned. .but that did not apply astrologically? Hmmmmmm. …oh, but yes it d Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window). Scorpio-Pisces is the greatest relationship..ever..PERIOD sexually, emotionally. …spiritually. .My Scorpio is the greatest guy ever and everyday I wake up praising the air that he breathes knowing he is mine knowing that I am his. .It's enough to make my heart burst. . The reason I told my story is because not all Pisces/Scorpio relationships are what they're cracked up to be. Pisces ladies if you've found a good one, consider yourself lucky and hold on to him with everything you've got and continuously treat him well. Love him unconditionally, Don't take him for granted. NEVER STOP Loving him and he will treat you like a queen. I wished that I had not argued over such mundane things with my first Scorpio ex as much as I did and we may have still been together now and getting married but I was much much younger and we all make mistakes when we're young and trying to figure ourselves out. He will always be in my heart and I will love him forever! And to the Scorpio men. PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOUR PISCES WOMEN (be it emotionally, mentally etc) because that takes a toll on us and pushes us away. Be mad at the world but not at your Pisces woman all we wanna do is love you, be there for you, support you, hold you when you feel sad or depressed, which is exactly what you need from us. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). I am not going to let him ruin things for the guy that genuinely wants to be with me for the long haul though. I deserve so much better and that Scorpio could continue to poison himself by not letting go of his past and drowning in his abyss of pain and suffering. I wish him well and this Pisces is swimming on into the depths of love. Who are you really dating? Everyone's on their best behavior at first, but who's the real person behind the mask?. Despite their characteristic unselfishness– often to the point of letting themselves be walked all over– there's only so much bullying or neglect a Pisces will endure before they do one of their famous disappearing acts. There will rarely be much warning, it can be hard to get at the truth of what has really happened– and it's easy to feel you've been badly let down or cheated in some way. Find out in your 'Relationship Oracle' 1 Year Relationship Forecast Report!. Fully Personalized Romantic Reports* for only $9.99 inclusive! * short personalized reports, based on your own and/or your partner's full birth chart, with 3 months unlimited use. Fully Personalized Romantic Reports* for only $9.99 inclusive! * short personalized reports, based on your own and/or your partner's full birth chart, with 3 months unlimited use. What Does the Future Hold for the Two of You as a Couple?. - Double check on all facts and information - things aren't always quite how they seem. LONGING TO KISS AND MAKE UP WITH YOUR Pisces DATE OR LOVER?. - Respect their sensitivity, treat them gently and offer them lots of emotional support. To win back a Pisces ex who has broken your heart or dumped you, try turning the tables and making THEM feel guilty instead. Because they're highly sensitive to others' suffering, if they sense they have really hurt you they're likely to beat themselves up about it and do almost anything to make amends. Take a leaf out of Pisces' book by resorting to a bit of emotional manipulation and there's a good chance of getting back with your Pisces ex. LONGING TO KISS AND MAKE UP WITH YOUR Pisces DATE OR LOVER?. - Never attempt to back them into a corner - too much pressure will drive them away. How compatible are you with your crush, date or lover? Check out how well you're likely to click in the seven key areas of love!. It's hardly ever the case, however, that a Pisces will deliberately set out to create pain and trouble for others. If a Pisces has walked out on you, most likely you've left them no room for manoeuvre: back them into a corner, and they may have no option but to cut and run. Weak willed and often a bit wimpish, Pisceans have a tendency to give up easily and their habitual response to pressure and confrontation is to look for an easy way out. Ok, so it gives you an outrageously unfair advantage! But wouldn't it be good to know when your date is most in the mood for love?. Effects of Longest Lunar Eclipse By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma. I met Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma in the month of November 2011 for the first time though the reference of my aunt. I had some family problems at that time & met him as an astrologer but I found him a very humble, genuine & much more than an astrologer. His guidance & predictions are remarkable. I feel very good when I sit in his office & the way he handles the situation or any problem is beyond my imagination. He tells us small Upayas which not only changes your state of mind but your whole personality. I have got full confidence in him. I met Dr. Sharma regarding our daughter's future and got a very clear understanding of what needs to be done & why things were not working out for her. Things he predicted were very clear accurate and I understood why certain things had happened to my daughter which did not make sense to me earlier. Article's Learn Numerology Tarot Reading Vastu List of Grahans Vrats & Festivals Numerology. Interested in Personalized Predictions from Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. Premium Services Ask Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma Ask Manisha Koushik Ask. Are you looking for a raise in Career? Check out Pisces Career Horoscope. He is good counselor & the best in his predictions. Opinions expressed by Dr. Sharma are very frank and clear. Lot of things told by him needs introspection. 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