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I don't have any negative comments about JiSung and Hyeri's tandem. They look so cute together. In Busan, Ha-Neul ( Kang Min-Hyuk ) is a high school student. His older sister is Geu-Rin ( Hyeri ). They are each other's only family members as their parents died in a car accident. Geu-Rin takes time off from college to work part-time. Ha-Neul is then falsely accused of sexual harassment by his female friend and he is placed on probation by the court. Ha-Neul decides to not go to college and to not sing which he wanted to do so much. Ha-Neul is also the person who sang the private institute's promotional song. The next day, Suk-Ho finds out the identity of the singer. He follows Ha-Neul. Ha-Neul, going through dark times because of the sexual harassment claim, stands on the ledge of a building. At that time, Suk-Ho tells Ha-Neul "Die later. Now you will do what you want to do. Sing.". watch this drama because of minhyuk after seeing him in hospitalship. and I don't regret it.nice and warm drama. Drama series is extended from 16 to 18 episodes. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) for that day according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. Does anyone know the song which the ttanttara band sang at a show in episode 18 where they won?. Min Do-Hee - former trainee of Top Entertainment (ep.4). I watched this drama because of Kang Minhyuk and he never let me down. It's realy good drama. Actors all played very well. Thumb up! Thumb up! This is one of many others my fav K dramas. This story is so good. While others tells story about love (between man and woman), this drama tells about how they struggles to fullfill their dreams through many obstacles, about friendship, about loyalty, about affection,about forgiveness and not the kiss scene as their first point. It's really thoucing my heart. And there are funny scenes too which makes me laugh. Ji sung and other's acting also good. This drama is really something new. Love it. great drama, great actors and great ost too 9/10. First script reading took place during mid-March, 2016 at SBS Ilsan Production Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Just finished this series.. I think Entertainer is one of the best Ji Sung drama He prove that he can act to be everything The storyline is good too I really like this drama.. Actor Park Bo-Gum was first offered the role of Ha-Neul, but declined. I've watched many of Ji Sung's drama but i am scaping this one I don't know why. Maybe because it is not that popular. But after reading comments I should give it a try. After all I love Ji Sung so much that I miss him every time I finished watching his drama so I will watch it. Ji Sung, one of the greatest actors in SK, leads a terrific ensemble cast in a wonderful story line that is sometimes funny, sometimes wrenching, always moving and entertaining. Great music, and a really cute TEEN actor, too. However, this series is not just about the music industry, but is also a multi-layered mystery that becomes something of a detective story as well. Among the important themes in this fine drama is owning one's mistakes, confessing, making it right, and becoming who one is meant to be. Another theme related to this one is understanding, compassion, and forgiveness—epitomized by KMH's character. It is a pleasure to see KMH in his award-winning performance who will go on to star as such a compassionate, beautiful man in Hospital Ship. He is a natural, a gifted actor from KPop whose career is rightly in film and drama for decades. He's that good. Actress Park Shin-Hye makes a cameo appearance in ep.3. Shin Suk-Ho ( Ji Sung ) works for Top Entertainment Company as a director, but he is about to start his own company Mango. He will take with him the boy group Jakson who are bout to end their contract with Top Entertainment Company. Lee Joon-Suk ( Jeon No-Min ) is the CEO of Top Entertainment Company and he will not let Shin Suk-Ho start his own company. He orders Kim Joo-Han ( Heo Joon-Seok ) to create a dirty scheme. Due to the scheme, Suk-Ho gets locked up in prison for DUI and he loses the boy group Jakson to Top Entertainment Company. Without Jakson, Shin Suk-Ho's new company finds itself in a difficult situation. Suk-Ho goes to Busan to borrow money, but he gets humiliated. He becomes extremely frustrated by everything. At that time, he hears a private institute's promotional song. The song wakes him up and he walks over to the private institute to find out who sang the song. Great drama..I really loved it.And everything was worth watching..I love u all especially.Kang minhyuk..I really loved ur acting and u forever remain my role model. This drama is very emotional. I just loved it. The cast are very good. Super drama.. This is one of the best dramas I've ever watched. Great plot, great cast, great OST, great script, basically everything is just perfect! I don't know why this drama did not receive big attention and love. Jisung's acting definetely dropped my jaw. Evrything in this drama is great, I just dont like hyeri as a nouna here, here character is to young to be nouna. ??.